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Trade Directories.

1820 Worcestershire Directory PENSHAM
John Graves, Farmer

1841 Bartleys Worcs. Directory
Thomas Graves, PENSHAM, Farmer.
John Graves, MATHON, Farmer.

1841 National Census PENSHAM, PERSHORE
Thomas Greaves, Age 30 Farmer, born in Worcs. Julia Greaves, Age 25.

1855 Kelly's Directory.
Thomas Greaves, Farmer, Pensham
John Greaves, Farmer, Mathon. (near Malvern)
James Graves, The Bell, Hanley Child, (now known as the Tally Ho) Carrier to Kidderminster. Graves (Omnibus) Bell, Hanley Child, Thursday 5 a.m. to Worcester, Sat. 7 a.m.

1860 Casey's Directory
Graves, Thomas, Pensham
Graves, Mary, shopkeeper, Broad St. Pershore.

1873 Littlebury's Directory
Greaves, Thomas, farmer and market gardener, Pensham.
Graves, Thomas Henry, (lessee of the Pump-room and mineral waters) Crow Hotel, and wholesale fruit dealer, Teme St, Tenbury. Graves, James, fruit dealer, Hanley Childe. Barnett, William, fruiterer and carrier Hanley William.

1876 Kelly's (under farmers)
Greaves, Thomas Pensham.
Greaves, James John, Newnham, Knighton-on-Teme. Graves,Thomas Hy, Crow, Teme St, Tenbury.

1879 Kelly's Directory of Herefordshire (Leominster)
Borough Magistrates - Thomas Graves Esq.
Councillors - Thomas Graves
Private Residents - Graves, Thomas, Rose Bank
Commercial - Graves & Co. Linen & woolen drapers. Silk mercers, general mourning warehouse and carpet warehouse men 22 & 24 High street.

1879 Littlebury's
Pensham, a hamlet of St. Andrew's 1 mile S. of the town (Pershore) is chiefly the property of George Whitaker-Wilson Esq. and the Ecclesiastical Commissioners.
Thomas Greaves, Farmer & c Pensham.

1884 Kelly's
Graves, Thomas Henry, Crow, Teme St and lessee of the Baths and Pump Room and wholesale fruit dealer.

1892 Kelly's
Graves, Thomas Henry, Crow P.H. and fruit merchant, Teme St. farmer and hop grower, Pool House.
Graves, Henry, Bell Inn, Hanley Childe

1904 Kelly's
Greaves, George, farmer & hop grower. Upper House Farm, Sutton.
Greaves, Thomas Henry, fruit dealer.

1908 Kelly's
Greaves, George, farmer, Tenbury & Newnham Fruit Dealing Co.
(Thomas Henry Graves, manager) Teme St.

1916 Kelly's
Private Residents - Graves, Thomas Henry, Engleton, Bromyard Road.

18. Graves, George, Land, Woodstock Bowert
Graves, George, Land, House Woodstock Bower
Owner Thomas Cooke (George Graves overseer of Hanley Childe & was residing at Woodstock Bower 1911)

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