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Evesham All Saints – Marriages  1st February 1698 Francis Graves m. Sarah Hitchings.   d. 1720.


Francis Greaves of Bricklehampton made his will 23rd June 1707 and died 18th September 1714.


Bequests to his son Francis and daughters Elizabeth Smith and Anne Wooton.

Also to children of his new wife Ann and his son John £5 towards an apprenticeship when he reached the age of 12. (born 1703-14 ? ).

Also William Weston of Charlton named as executor.


His will made in 1707 names Anne as his wife and also William Weston of Charlton as his kinsman (brother-in-law).Children were son Francis, daughters Elizabeth, Anne and son John.Elizabeth married Thomas Davies of Great Comerton (possibly Comberton) 9th April 1722 in All Saints Evesham.

Anne married William Osborne of Wickhamstead Pershore on 2nd August 1724.  Son Francis Graves must have died about 14th-16th Sept 1720.

Queries about married surnames of daughters Elizabeth and Anne, Smith and Wooton.


         Inventory of Goods signed by Elizabeth Greaves a lawfull Daughter”.

         Witnessed by John Heming

                                 Thomas Marriot

                                Samuel Clements       (Mark Twain- Tom Sawyer- No!)

         His name was written Sam Wollclommg                                   by whoever made the first list.                                                        


21st June 1792 Joseph George, a minor, and Hannah Parsons (sister of Anne Parsons?) of St. Andrews Parish Pershore, were married.






                           Hannah Parsons    her mark









































1,538 acres


















Hamlet- 1599 acres










John Graves, baptised Cropthorne 29th Oct 1730, born Charlton.

Married 13th April 1754.

Buried 20th October 1815 in Pershore.


1st daughter. Ann Graves –born Charlton.

Two baptisms are recorded- 14th March 1757 and 20th May 1759, both baptised Cropthorne - daughter of John and Mary Greaves of Charlton. A possible explanation, one child could have died shortly after birth. We were told that sometimes a second child would be given the same Christian name, but it’s only guesswork.

   2nd daughter       Elizabeth,  bapt. Cropthorne 30th January 1760,

   3rd child             Thomas,    bapt. Cropthorne 7th Oct 1762

   4th child             John,         bapt. Pershore     15th Sept 1765

   5th/6th children   William and Mary, twins, Pershore 30th March 1769

   7th child Francis born March 1771 bapt. Pershore 4th April 1779

   8th child Sarah bapt Pershore 13 th July 1773 died 1st August 1773.


The family must have moved from Charlton near Evesham, to Pensham near Pershore between 1762 and 1765.


James Graves, natural son of Ann, was baptised at St.Andrew’s Church,Pershore, 4th April 1779, but it stated he was born 6 years ago (1773). His uncle Francis was baptised the same day 4th April 1779. Of whom it says of Francis that he was born 8 years ago last March.

 On 21st June 1792   Francic or Frances as he signed himself, witnessed a marriage at St.Andrew’s Church between Joseph George, a minor, and Hannah Parsons.


Ann Greaves 1757 – 1778.

Born in Charlton 1757. Baptised in Cropthorne 14th March 1757.

Her parents John and Mary Graves of Charlton married 13th April 1754.

She had a son when she was 16 years old and unmarried, called James, who was born in 1773 and baptised in 1779, the year after his mother died and at the same time as his uncle Francis (who was the one we think became a soldier and might have served under Wellington.) James must have been brought up by his grandparents.


Ann married Edward Ewins after banns were called out on Sundays 29th Oct. 5th Nov. and 12th Dec 1775. Strangely they married on 16rh Nov 1775.

Parish Register St. Andrew’s Pershore says

Edward Ewins of Parish of Holy Cross a Batchelor and Ann Graves of this parish, a single woman married un this Church by Banns.

      16th day of November 1775 by me D. Lewis curate.


     Signed  The mark of        Edward Ewins


                  The mark of        Ann Graves


      In the presence of Honeybourn workman and Wm Cope.


There doesn’t seem to have been anyone there from their own families and the workman from Honeybourn must have been hauled in off the street to witness the marriage and they never even bothered to record his name!

Her burial was 13th April 1778 at St Andrews, giving her three years of marriage.

In 1781 Edward Ewins a widower married Elizabeth Hunt of the Parish of Burford, a spinster.

He didn’t waste much time!


Items for which there is no proof of any connection.


With the Pensham Graves family.

Cropthorne Parish Register

1644 Mary the daughter of Thomas bapt. ? Feb.

1662 Anne daughter of  Robert       bapt Feb the 28th.


Badsey Parish Register (In Latin)

 6th August 1579    Willielmas Wourme Elizabeta Grave

 6th July 1579         (Heynes) and Johana Greves


Worcester, St. Peters. Burials.

10th. January 1699 Richard (Graves)

13th May 1706 John son of ye widdo Graves.

29th October 1707 Elizabeth daughter of ye widdo Graves



9th April 1692 Richard son of Richard Graves.

3rd April 1694.  Hanna daughter of Richard Graves

2nd October 1696. John son of Richard Graves.


Worcs. County Land Tax Assessments.

                                                                                    Prop                            Occupier                                             Sums Assessed.

1781 Parish of South Littleton (Upper Pershore)       Rev. Dr. Graves

7th June 1793. Church Honeybourne              Walwin Graves Esq.               Wm. Grove & L. Pyfinch                   £47 18s 0d

1793 Cropthorn                                                           John Graves                            John Graves                                        £0 0s 9 ½ d

1794 South Littleton                                                   Rev. Dr. Graves                      Mr. Wheatley & Clark                        £10



INFORMATION  supplied by Mr. David Spilsbury


8/11/1881        T.H Graves, Fruit Merchant, Tenbury Wells. 


500            Pots of Best Blenheim Orange Apples           10s  6d            for 84 lbs net

500      Pots of Best Forester Apples                                    for 84 lbs net

500                         Princes Pippin                                   for 84 lbs net

To be delivered to the Crow Hotel.


8/12/1885 Under – Local Intelligence.

The first consignment of Holly and Mistletoe from this country to America was sent by T. H. Graves Fruit merchant of Tenbury on Tuesday last.


23/11/1886 Holly and Mistletoe to America.


20/10/1891 Tenbury Agricultural Society Ploughing and Hedging match at Pool House Farm – Mr. T.H. Graves.


09/07/1901  Appleton and Graves Fruit Merchants. Tenbury (opposite the Rose and Crown) and Newnham Bridge.


11/06/1901 Crow Hotel – W. Taylor Fruit Merchants.


15/08/1905 T.H. Graves will be packing fruit again this season at The Cage, Mr. Ward’s yard Teme St. and Newnham Bridge.


09/07/1907 T. H. Graves appeals to growers to pack their fruit carefully with only sound and good quality produce as he had some complaints from his buyers last season.


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