Miscellaneous Parish Record Information

Miscellaneous Parish Record Entries.

Interesting entries from local Parish Registers. Spellings as written, so don't blame me.

20th October 1741
Thomas Lewis of Orleton. An ingenious honest man thought to be destroyed by Egerton Boswell of Cleobury, a silley ignorant pretending Quack (Mr. Lewis not being well) gave him so large a dose of opium yt he never wakened; but see ye justice of Providence. Boswell to vindicate his own reputation (being told he had killed so good a man and thereby ruined his family leaving behind him a wife and many children much in debt) said he cd safely take ye same quantity which he did which had such an effect upon him yt he immediately lost ye use of one side, lay lingering and senseless 3 or 4 days and then dyed unpittyed.

28th November 1797
Richard Blount late from Botany Bay and Susanna Gittins of Hanley William married.

19th February 1645.
Richard Netherton slaine by a souldier buried 19th February.

7th May 1645.
Thomas Wilson slaine the day afore by a souldier with a pistoll shot.

24th November 1700.
Buried ye 24th Nov. 1700 William Paloy a stranger yr hanged himself also at ye sign of ye Boots.

6th June 1717
A stranger whose name was not known.

22nd July 1714 (buried)
A poor man who was murdered near the halfway tree by having his throat cut.

15th April 1740
St. John Goodere, Baronet, murdered by his brother Samuel Goodere and two ruffians on board the Ruby, man of war, who were all executed for the same, confessing their guilt at Bristol, April 15th
"Jieu!quam Plurimus Mortis Imago "
Wm. Watkins, Vicar

29th June 1740
James Godbee (drowned)

6th August 1740
Amy Pooley (shot) 30th September William Godbee

30th March 1804
John Neal a Stage Waggoner who was killed by the overturning of his waggon.

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