Graves of Mickleton

Graves Family Mickleton.

COPY OF SETTLEMENT OF £6,000, from Worcester County Records Office.

On the marriage of Mr. Charles Gray Graves and Miss Elizabeth Graves, dated 13th Sept. 1813.

.... Between Walwyn Graves of Mickleton in the County of Gloucs, Esq. in the first part, Charles Gray Graves of the Army Pay Office in Whitehall Gent leman of the second part Elizabeth Graves spinster only daughter of Richard Morgan Graves of Malvern in the County of Worcestershire Director of Divinity in the third part and the Right Honourable Robert, Earl of Cardigan of Dean Park in the County of Northampton John Denison of Ofrington Edward Hastings and William Petrie Crawford.... and the said Robert Earl of Cardigan then the honorable [sic] Robert Brudenall ....

Robert was the 6th Earl of Cardigan and it was his son, James Thomas who became 7th Earl in 1837 and later led the Light Brigade at Balaclava. Robert became 6th Earl in 1811 when was 42 on the death of the childless 5th Earl who had been his uncle. He married Penelope Ann Cooke in 1794, he had 7 daughters and 1 son by 1811.James Thomas was born on 16th Oct. 1797. Until 16 or 18 years old he lived at Deene.

SETTLEMENT of Miss Eliz Graves Fortune 13th Sept 1813. Between Richard Morgan Graves of Malvern Doc of Divinity Eliz Graves his only daughter. Charles Gray Graves of Army Pay Office Whitehall Gentleman….. In consideration of a marriage then intended between the said Richard Morgan and Elizabeth Shermer which was soon after had and solemnized (after the decease of the said Richard Morgan Graves) …. And whereas the Issue of the said Richard Morgan Graves by his wife Elizabeth formerly Elizabeth Shermer are two sons and one daughter only namely Morgan Graves his eldest son and John Graves his younger son and also the said Elizabeth-all have since attained their respective ages of 21 years …….

INDENTURE... .And whereas the said Sophia Elizabeth Hicks afterwards the wife of the said Charles Grey Graves is since dead leaving issue or the said marriage two children one of whom is still dead so that only issue is one son namely John Graves now an infant.

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