Our branch of the family seems to have originated in the above area.

All of which comes within a radius of 2.2 miles from the centre.
We have not been able to connect Francis Greaves of Bricklehampton, who made his will on 23rd June 1707 and died on 18th September 1714 and Thomas Graves of Charlton, then Pensham, who was buried in Cropthorne 17th April 1783. Our surname GRAVES / GREAVES seems to have been interchangeable, John Graves (of the Inclosures) was called Greaves on the certificate but signed himself Graves. This occurred on several occasions.

Other unsubstantiated entries in the local Church registers....
Cropthorne Parish Registers-Baptisms.

? Feb. 1644-5 Mary the daughter of Thomas

Feb. the 28th 1662 Anne daughter of Robert

Evesham All Saints -Marriages
1st February 1698 Francis Graves m. Sarah Hitchings
Pershore St Andrews -marriages
21st June 1792 Joseph George a minor and Hannah Parsons were married.

and Hannah Parsons her mark.

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