My Life Told My Way


By Lionel Graves


Friday 30th March, 2001


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Having reached the ripe old age of 81, with the sands of time running out, I looked back to see if I had achieved anything outstanding with my life.  There was nothing that would go down in history or win a Nobel award so I decided to get my autobiography put on disc to transfer to the Graves of Pershore family website


At least later generations of the family in the dim and distant future, if there is a future, can read and learn about the strange ways we lived.


My thanks are due to many people, mainly Richard Graves who has given untold hours and effort in putting the website together, assisted lately by grand daughter Emily Graves aged 12.  Thanks also to my daughter Jane Lawrence who helped with the earlier research.  Other members of the family or relations have assisted greatly by supplying details of their own particular branches -


George Bowkett, cousin, 100 next birthday.

Tazer Cainan, nee Bowkett, Cardiff.

Liz and Trevor Grubb, nee Graves, New Zealand.

Richard and Alison Graves, New Zealand.

Robert and Joanne Graves, New Zealand.

Dolly and Sharron Sutton, South Africa.

Gillian Harcourt, South Africa.

Dawn Kernes, South Africa.

Robert and Rosie Hughes, New York, USA.

Christopher Robins Davis, Salt Lake City, USA.

Rod Harris, Norton, Worcester.

Betty and Andrew Howat, London.

Elaine Kaye, Dorset.

Jo Hughes, Tyne and Wear.

Ros Butt, Chichester.


Also, Noreen of Perth, Australia who emailed us letting us know  that her great, great, great, great uncle Honeybourn Workman was a witness at our great, great, great, great Grandmother Anne's wedding to Edward Ewins in Pershore.


Finally, thanks to Ed Nixey and his merry band at for getting this all down on disc.



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